2023 Scorpio Season!!

Hello, Scorpios πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜›

Iiiiiiits scorpio season!

Midheaven in my chart shows Scorpio, at 8 degrees. It’s a hard one, but despite the never ending, constant struggle, I know my efforts are worthwhile.

I share my vulnerabilities with you all, without question and without shame, and you can take them or leave them or make fun of me or look down on me.. but whether it’s met with acceptance or not, Small rumbles still make waves.

Pluto is in Scorpio for my generation, many of us have that. Transformation. Think about how much the world has changed – technology, communication…in our lifetime. How much will it change by the time we are gone?

Pluto is also Scorpios ruling planet.


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