Just woke up with severe severe si joint pain. Got that feeling like my whole left hip is digging in it’s heels to fight me to pop off.

I haven’t had a chiropractic appointment since January 2nd. I’m supposed to have them every 3 weeks for maintenance to prevent severe fixation like this but I got sick at the end of January and had to miss my appointments. It really sucks how much getting sick throws me off and puts me behind.

My next appointment is Tuesday and I cannot wait. The joint fixation in my lumbar and thoracic spine is awful.

Ive also developed shoulder drop on my right shoulder. Probably related to whatever the new weird awful pain I’ve been feeling is. Physical therapy has been on pause since 1/22. I feel like I lost everything I worked for. First set was 10 sessions. Second set is approved for 8. I’m so tired.

Just gonna lay here til I gotta go drive tomorrow morning 😫

it’s ok We. Got. This.


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