I have a story for you about what being respectful of people’s religion does not look like

Two years, at this exact time, during Ramadan, a few agencies went around trying to get as many restaurants onto GrubHub and Uber eats and door dash that they could.

My experience was the places make the food, I photograph it, and in most places the the staff takes most of the dishes afterwards, and I am offered one dish or parts of the several prepared.

Sometimes people offer more and rarely offered nothing. It was a low paying job through an agency (my rates were set for me) so while food wasn’t expected, I always appreciated any food offered without question! And me being me, sometimes it takes a long time to process conversation stuff.

The agency I worked with has salespeople assigned to different companies. The format of scheduling changed towards the end of 2020 but at first it was salesperson calls restaurant, pushes location to schedule a complimentary photoshoot to get them set up on the platform (cause photos increase sales $$ ✌️), and then I go to the job at the prescheduled session time.

During Ramadan two years ago some salesperson scheduled me for four or five restaurants that had a ton of Muslim workers. When I showed up at different places several individuals mentioned it was lucky for me that I scheduled during Ramadan so I could take home all the food cause many of the staff couldnt eat during the day.

I still feel guilty about it.


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