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OddFern.com is used to feature and support Southeast Michigan Artist, Mystic, Plant Person, Photographer, and Back Office Business provider / jack of all trades – Megan Deel owns and operates Odd Fern Photo LLC and all tangible products and art are sold through our DBA Dendrite LaLuna. The support you provide here encourages long term end goals of global harmony and healing of both individuals and our society.

– Megan Deel, June 2021
Photo featuring a decaying apple wedge on black background with dramatic lighting. The apple wedge reveals the core and openings with seeds inside. The skin of the apple is shriveled, the visible inside of the fruit is browned and crinkled. 
The red of the apple fades into black.

Starting Over.

Big gap, but that’s okay!

It is always a life goal to be transparent about my life and processes.

My name is Megan. I’m a 33 year old neurodiverse and mentally ill individual that is also healing from a lot of trauma and addiction. I struggle with extreme sensory, communication, and focus issues – as well as the extreme ends of mania and depression. I am here to be open and honest about my struggles to help others see their own behavior patterns to encourage healing, by learning through the behaviors, thoughts, and experiences that I share.

I am not attempting to be understood.

I am attempting to heal myself

and if others heal with me,

that is wonderful.

I use social media to share a lot of streams of consciousness.
I am going to make an effort to use this blog page instead.

Art products, philosophy, ideas, thoughts, and rants will be shared here.

I would like to share a summary of interests I may be posting about:
Sociology + Social Justice
Herbalism and Plant Medicine
Accounting, Taxes, Payroll Topics with info in the best interest of workers
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Other gardening methods


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