Thank you. I have read through these materials.

I cannot remember if I mentioned but wanted to let you know I had a neuropsych assessment completed on Thursday. Result appointment is scheduled for 11/4.

I am having a very hard time – unmanageable ocd regarding my diagnostics and increasingly severe heart rate changes between resting and standing that were confirmed by my PCP on Tuesday.

I have an appointment scheduled with a cardiologist for October 18th but in the meantime I am afraid my stress levels are actually physically killing me.

Can we bump our next appointment up sometime to this week? I know it’s part of my ocd but i need to work on our care plan because something’s gotta give here.

Completing some of the excercises that were attached actually causes me more anxiety. I can’t picture things in my mind right now which is part of my problem too. I can’t get my brain to shut up and my normal methods of meditation are completely useless, and every time I stand up to do anything I get dizzy and confused, and sometimes even freezing cold or really hot! I can’t function and everything just results in more waiting.

The office just called to attempt scheduling. There was nothing available sooner than my existing appointment.

Practicing patience while practicing being.


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