no one knows what we are doing

Hi, I’m here. Previously a photographer and book keeper, Dendrite became a full-time void in 2021. I spend most of my time resting and trying new things.

there are a lot of thoughts in my head, and i enjoy documenting processes and learning

if you need to contact me, please email

  • Food Motivated
    If you are trying to get me to do something, I, like many feral animals, am extremely food motivated. I used to watch the seagulls at Metro Beach in the… Read more: Food Motivated
  • (no title)
    Me to my Mom: ok Mom, sweetie, it’s time for my visit, can we play nice today?
  • May 2024 Aurora Event
    Still thinking about walking outside, looking up, and seeing a strong aurora crown right above me. I never in my life thought I’d get to experience that. Maybe some ribbons… Read more: May 2024 Aurora Event
  • BP
    Yesterday my blood pressure was so low from walking too much, I drank a ton of coffee and took the medication to raise my blood pressure, and it read out… Read more: BP
  • Earworms
    We are back to oo-ples and boo-no-nos in here.
  • Weather
    You guys the weather is being weird Edit: *er