I’m not handling this arthritis thing well.
If it’s muscles or nerves I can do shit about it but my bones failing me is just…come onnnnnn. I need to remind myself I age faster. My body is going down faster.

What gets me is being diagnosed 20 years younger than most people are when they get diagnosed.

It makes sense the way my hips and knees lock up though.

And i’ve been saying I have arthritis in my hands for a few years now. But my hands don’t affect my mobility (mostly, the crutch is hard sometimes) so I haven’t checked them out.

Arthritis gets bad on elderly population without a 20 year head start. My family has multiple members with knee replacements, back surgeries, really bad arthritis affecting spine, etc.

The genes, man. The genes.

To me, this diagnosis is much worse than my bipolar. Bipolar just does it’s thing. I have learned (at least a tiny bit over the last 20 years) some ways to work with it, even if it’s not bad all the time. There are things I can do to learn emotional regulation to aide in management of my mood disorder.

Arthritis gets worse over time and we are not starting off great.


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