went out to lunch with some people from my moms side to celebrate my aunt Holly’s birthday – it was so good to be sitting around good food talking with everyone. Mom’s side doesn’t get together for birthday meals too often. That was great. The hard part was sitting.

Back brace assist for helping me remain upright felt good at first but seems minimal now. I get about 20 min of standing or sitting before my back starts pulling and I gotta start stretching, which was about what it was before, doesn’t even get me to the point food is served at a restaurant. Even now I’m sitting here not wearing it and my sides are spasming.

I’m unsure if my back straining means the decompression is not working, or if they are entirely separate processes. My feet weren’t going numb and Mom and I were out from 1-3 pm. Took 2 long naps since.


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