Michigan Medicine Adult Cerebral Palsy clinic says I likely don’t have CP after reviewing MRI and history (same MRI and history that got me diagnosed with CP πŸ˜†). Need additional neurological tests, but good idea of what it is.

I get forearm crutches [pending insurance approval]

I may have CP, because there are some things in my life that CP works with and not much else. just a more mildly presenting case than I thought. but if that is case then there’s something else too.

After the tests, I can schedule with Michigan Medicine Adult Cerebral Palsy clinic or their physical medicine department in future if I want to.

You guys have I mentioned I’m tired

I was already coming to terms with “aging faster”, already dealing with spasms pulling my body in different ways, long term, requiring physical therapy over and over again. Already dealing with accepting pain and finding my limitations, and tools to work around them.

When I started this health journey my original hypothesis was that I have been dealing with autoimmune issues that have been causing internal inflammation and causing permanent damage to my brain and body. I thought I had sjogrens syndrome. I don’t, for sure.

The id of the disease matters for several specific reasons, and I haven’t gotten that set in stone yet, but my original hypothesis seems to be being proven correct. There are other things it could be.

So that Michigan Medicine adult CP clinic was last Thursday.

On last Tuesday I went to primary care to be tested for UTI.

I went in 2 months ago for UTI too, but they didn’t send samples out to lab, just did in house testing. Nothing showed. I have vulvodynia, so sometimes I itch and burn when there’s nothing additionally wrong, I just was like ok.

This time I asked them to send the samples out. I do have an infection.

Picked up antibiotics

Now to begin the never ending antibiotic-yeast infection cycle for the year.
The antibiotics are doing the cancel out my hormones thing.

Severe uterine pain started yesterday. Woke me up spasming today.

For most people, picking up the antibiotic is the beginning of the end.

I’ll be recovering for week(s) after the inflammation has started back up. This is a two week antibiotic. Today is day 3.


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