So I did some cleaning where I was staying the last few days.

About two hours after, I fell asleep for the rest of the day, still slept all night, woke up in AM and then fell back asleep for most of the next day. Just extreme extreme fatigue. I was awake for two hours to drive home and for an hour to say bye to Des after he got home from school.

Either it was what I cleaned, or the leaning forward and arm scrubbing and I really don’t get a long. Maybe mix of both.
I was feeling good – I also took a walk across a field (where I saw tufted titmouse), that was about 700 steps. That could have aided in tiring me out too. Unlevel ground, mud make it harder than normal walking.

But that was on Wednesday, and Im still tired, and I just woke up. Body battery shows 30.


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