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A lot of you have watched me learn how sensitive I am to stress over the years (many of you have also seen a meltdown or few). I try to remain calm but it is literally in my DNA to get stressed out. I’m at the point where my DNA has become damaged, primarily due to stress. Some people might not consider the same things stressful that I do, but my body doesn’t care.

Repairing DNA is its own thing, the following supplements are supposed to help a specific enzyme in your body work better to manage stress before it gets to the point that your DNA is continuing to be damaged. It being damaged is how I got to where I am now so if I can help you with this information I want to.

This info is repeatedly found sifting through lots of completed research, and I have been putting some of these to test for a short period of time (three months with my genetic info) with decent results. It seems like research knows this stuff at this point but we are in the in between period where the info hasn’t sifted down to practicing doctors yet. My psychiatrists look at me like I’m insane when I bring this stuff up (lol) but then they look into it and next session they are like “so thank you for that information.”

One of the things that helps me control stress is practicing something I want to get better at.

That is something I knew in my mind but it was interesting to read it in research. The following supplements are supposed to help too.

COMT MET/MET – to decrease dopamine flooding and stabilize COMT:
Folic acid/B12 (different genetic expressions will work better with different versions – based on other genetic expressions, having a methylated version is helpful cause my body doesn’t do that, but some doctors recommend taking hydroxocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, which are two different versions of B12, but b vitamins in general are a good addition)
Vitamin D
Meditation (yes, I know we all hate hearing it but meditation does change how things move in our brains and bodies)

Avoid amino acids that increase catechols, which trigger dopamine releases, which essentially means avoid high protein foods. The amino acids to avoid include: tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine. Not taking in these amino acids can help reduce inflammation which helps reduce bipolar symptoms (cause bipolar is found to essentially be inflammation of the brain)

Caffeine and alcohol are also to be avoided, they encourage the release of dopamine.

Excess estrogen (even in body products, not just food) reduces comt function. Dairy, parabens possibly soy should be avoided.

Exercise requires methylation and increases catechols. Cardio (and running) is bad for me, and maybe you.

People with comt met/met are also more sensitive to many phytonutrients. Many phytonutrients also contain catechols. We don’t want that. There are a lot of them. I can’t list them here. Green tea is one, though. Avoid green tea.

Consuming foods that support phase 2 liver detox can help comt function better.
If you have comt val/val or comt val/met, there are different supplements recommended to optimize your functioning. Val/met is “normal”.

Thank you for your time and I love you.

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