Starting cymbalta today in an effort to combat nerve pain, muskuloskeletal pain, depression, and anxiety. Anxiety hasn’t been too bad lately while resting, but I get more than 2 things to do and my stomach starts getting sick.

I got the script for cymbalta last week but I like to give new scripts a lil wiggle room for refills before I start them.

I thought cymbalta was an SSRI
It is an SNRI

I am upset with myself because I assumed I knew it was a SSRI. I cannot take ssris, so I just left that at the door of all the doctors and even family that recommended it as a pain treatment.

Historically I have better luck with antipsychotics for mood stabilization so I didn’t look further into it. Which, if I may, my mood has been stable-ish. Good time to fuck things up lmao.

I am going through my notes over the last year to summarize the important things.

This year was a lot better than the last several.
Feeling better about starting over again.