*doesn’t apply to everything or everyone*

I think people should realize and accept that when people are offering advice or guidance or even straight up medical information, it’s obviously not going to apply to everything and everyone.

If you don’t wanna listen, don’t listen
If what someone is saying doesn’t apply to you, don’t listen

If what someone does doesn’t work for you, don’t do that

If your body functions different then most people, then you know there’s only a small percentage of people that can give you advice that works for your body. And you should learn that they might not be doctors.

What I mean by that is not go listen to anyone on the street

And doctors are useful for specialties and lab work and just professional experience in general

But we all need to keep in mind that this system intentionally keeps practices separate so doctors don’t see the full picture. Our body is a bunch of systems working together, and most doctors only look at one system at a time.


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