So that EEG put me in “twilight” mode when I left the office, I got stuck in it, slept through a whole season and a half of king of the hill.

AFAIK we just confirmed I don’t have epilepsy.
The light was flashing so bright at one point I thought my eyes were open when they were closed.

I had an episode in April that I thought was a seizure, I felt real weird and then got blurry eyes all of a sudden, got all tingly feeling and hot all over and gastro distress, stood up to try and get away from people and my legs wouldn’t move forward, had to fall into couch and then I lost control of my neck, it flopped forward and it “pulsed” to the side and i got stuck there. There are probably better words for this experience but I don’t know what they are.

It was absolutely terrifying.

but I assumed it was caused by a medication I had started 3-4 days prior (and then stopped immediately).

But anyway. No epilepsy.
I still need to get into the patient portal to read the report, I’m new to this office but most places just say “nothing wrong” and keep the odd details that I should know to themselves. Don’t know if this place does that too.


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