First month of gabapentin

(hello eclipse and let’s not forget I’m on steroids right now)
Why don’t people talk about this shit? Stigma? Pfft.

so first month of titrating up nerve pain med to higher dose is complete.

Increasing the dosage has enabled me to be more active and social, in less pain in the moment and afterwards. It enabled me to complete a round of pelvic floor physical therapy and will continue to enable me to start swimming for aqua therapy. It’s not a resolution. It is a tool that helps.
I had been on a low dose all winter that did not help.

First month, the way the script was written, I had to go into the pharmacy and count out how many pills the script should be for, from current titration point. Pharmacist ended up giving me the entire quantity of pills the script was written for, for the whole month.

Went to pick up Mays script. They will only give me 9 days at a time now? Get you physically dependent on a script then make it a challenge for you to get it? This is literally why some people start using heroin. 😐 (Not saying I will just damn it is relevant)

Pharmacy blamed my doctor, my doctor blamed my insurance.

I’m blaming all of them and telling them to figure it out or mail it to me.

My point: have you ever had to go and pick up a monthly approved script, every 9 days? No? Huh. Wonder why.


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