I’ve been on the new antidepressant and off the old antipsychotic for a week.

I was expecting a mood drop. I was expecting lots of tears. I was expecting mental and physical anguish.

Y’all. None of that. My mood is good.

Sometimes it feels like some parts of my body are sewn together, and I can feel the “strings”, especially as the Botox is wearing off. For example, it felt like my neck hump area was pulled together like a gathered stitch – and now that pulled string tightness feeling is gone.

First week ✅

Excited about how this continues.

I’m not upset about not trying this sooner because I needed the antipsychotic to get to a better place to work from. And That Happened. It served it’s bridge purpose. I know latuda works well for me when I am in a bad place now. Happy to have it in my toolbox.


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