Fun fact: orthostatic hypotension (POTS) episodes occur more frequently in warmer temps. Or when you do things like, say, layer clothing for warmth πŸ˜‘

I have had more episodes over the last 2 weeks than I can ever remember.

Some of the episodes are absolutely terrifying. I’ve even scared family members with a few of them.

I don’t think the treatment cardiologist put me on is effective for treatment of orthostatic hypotension.

I have a bit more energy right now, since starting florinef, which is nice for getting out of bed and doing things, but that could be attributed to so many things that are not a permanent steroid script I guess. In addition to still experiencing orthostatic hypotension episodes, I also am experiencing a lot more irritation, impatience, and sensory issues since starting the medication two months ago.

More energy has also left me with more pain

That is all. Here’s me signing off saying that warm flushing feeling you get when you’re just slightly a little too warm isn’t normal. Go to the doctor (if you can)


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