I’m trying to wean myself off gabapentin.

My rheumatologist gave me information from u of m research saying the minimum effective dose for fibromyalgia is 1500 per day (recommended 600 mg am, 900 mg pm).

My doctor’s will only give me 900 mg to be split through the day.

It helps a little bit, but not enough to be dependent on it. I would like them to increase the dosage, but this request has been refused.

The last time I tried to wean myself off gabapentin, I got kicked out of my house from a rage fit. I don’t know if I was more irritable from pain or that’s just how I was working that day.

I’m gonna wait a week or so I’m not starting hormones and weaning off nerve pain killers at the exact same time, but uh. As always. I’m working on it.


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