Growth Mindset

Of all the things I’ve motivated myself to change

Going from a fixed to growth mindset probably is the single thing that has done the most.

There’s a balance to address here, because everything is not fixable and the line between what is and is not fixable is rarely clear, and ableism is hard – especially within my/your own self. I know we all want our kids to believe they can “do all the things” but no matter how hard I try, I can’t, and living in the world the way I did for so long was very very damaging to me (and others).

I am learning the line of what is motivational bullshit that doesn’t serve a real purpose – just reach burnout faster – to working within my real and actual limits long term.

I am trying not to get hopeful about this next evaluation and potential new treatment options because my life history says dont, but I’m still hanging on. I gotta do something about the spasms and nerve pain though – I can’t help but get a little hopeful for those answers.

I’ve been having floods of repressed memories hit me for a variety of things. I know I’ve been processing a lot more life events, that I never let myself.

So tired. Mad at myself for breaking my own foot, but when I think back to the situation if I had to relive the events of that day I would have made the same choices so I’m not too mad at myself. All i did was walk home. I didn’t start a fight or throw a fit. I didn’t wanna leave the house that day and I shouldn’t have.

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