Before I knew I had a lesion on my brain, I used to take a hit of sour diesel flower, and id feel the area with the lesion kinda loosened up.

I know I’ve told many of you over time that I had felt it, like my third eye coming to attention. I’d point at the middle of my forehead and say “something happens right here”.

I’ve been told by many doctors that I’m not supposed to be able to feel my brain. That I absolutely cannot feel my brain, even.

But I felt the lesion there before we knew it was there, absolutely. Some strains of cannabis reduce the inflammation and pressure around the lesion and that is what made it noticeable.

One of the main reasons I think I’ve had the lesion for so long and I do not think it’s new is because I have felt it there, since my teens, when I started smoking.

I love when doctors tell me I’m not experiencing what I am experiencing. It’s my favorite.


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