Pt got approved! Forms were signed and sent back this morning already.
For half the sessions requested, but hey it’s something.

Get to start on Tuesday instead of January. Third round let’s go Woo!
I’m really really interested in learning more about biofeedback.

Also, on Monday I get to see the chiro neurologist I was seeing in 2018 to see if the injections in my back are an option right now or not. He is who gave me them before. Tightening started yesterday and stretching didn’t help, and contracture showed up again this morning, happy appointment is already scheduled. Moving your neck (with or without pain) is really nice to be able to do.

There are only 4 chiropractic neurologists in the state of Michigan (at least according to their website). Thought that was interesting that the universe led me to him before, without all this additional understanding of my congenital issues. Just hope his staff is a bit more rational to their stress relief recommendations. 😂 Iykyk

This is all an exhausting process but I’m putting the effort in because I want to be my best, whatever form that takes in the end. I understand my best will change at times. Thankful that I get to try.


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