Identifying Emotions

I’m having a moment right now that I’m realizing something

I am frequently able to clearly express when I am experiencing extreme emotions while I am experiencing them. I can even often state what is causing them in the immediate moment, even if it takes me a couple moments to find my words.

People discount or straight up do not believe my experience of anxiety and emotions when I can articulate them, like I am making them up or exaggerating it – like if I were really this upset I wouldn’t be able to say it? Or something?

but when I am experiencing flustered emotions that don’t allow me to articulate my thoughts, people want me to clearly express myself in an effort to “resolve the issue”.

But when I do that I’m not believed, or told – told that I am standing in my own way (that’s one of those fancy ways people say it’s all in your head. No shit thank you!!)


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