I have PT, birds, and going to Ann Arbor to stay with Desmond this afternoon.
I have been up since 2:30 am. I BETTER fall asleep in the next 8 hours because omg boooooo. I haven’t been sleeping though… Been doing the 4 hours and up thing. And not napping very much during day so not expecting it.

Was able to order all my supplements that were out.
There were several.
Moringa, a liver one, probiotics, vitamin b, magnesium. I’m supposed to start sam-e but damn it is expensive, I’m gonna ask about a script.

I still need to replace my protein powders that have dairy. I have 1 vegan one but it’s not a very good one. Long term shopping list where the large purchases are $25/$30. You know what I don’t care.

I am going to start taking the no casein and nightshades and pork seriously. I need to get off some of these antihistamines.