Had a real “ive fallen and can’t get up” moment, but I was upside down πŸ˜…πŸ˜­

Sitting with Desmond getting movie set up, knocked some stuff off my bed (very high bed, I need a step stool sometimes)

I leaned over to try to grab what I dropped – the bed is not right against the wall – and I started sliding

got stuck face down stuck holding an arm against the wall to keep myself from falling, if I fell any more I would be really stuck

Desmonds on the bed just watching my legs flail

I’m getting dizzy and nauseous from being upside down, Desmond and I are calling for Oliver for help but he doesn’t hear

Oliver came right when I thought I was gonna pass out, I needed him to hold one arm up at the elbow so I could move and push my other arm against the wall.

I’m still spinning 10 minutes later


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