I’ve been having a lot of problems lately.

Yesterday my pelvic floor physical therapist let me rest while she provided some skull trigger point release around my neck, to help with cervical dystonia and pelvic pain, alternating with a cupping technique on my belly that really really helped both pelvic pain and digestive issues after the first session.

She said I could do the cupping technique on my belly myself, and would see more benefit from every other day use.

After I left I was much more mobile and in significantly less pain for a few hours, before my body started tightening up again.

The only issue is that my psoriasis is located right along the trigger points in my skull, and massaging that area with the medical gloves re-activated a small flare that was still healing from mid december. 😑

Next week I get lidocaine trigger point injections in my neck, back, and shoulders. Pelvic floor physical therapist said to ask about lumbar injections, too.


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