Meeting with job service people today.

The judge laid out specific work conditions for me, so I’m gonna try to work with them.

A lot of them I had already figured out and asked for accommodations during my time at j2. Things like little to no in person interaction with public, coworkers, customers, etc. Now it even says supervisors, and there are some other new accomodations laid out. Maybe it will make a difference in my ability to do the work long term.

Very interested in what the job availability with the working condition specifications really looks like bc right now I’m not seeing it. I know one of my aunt’s had different but similar accomodations and she worked as a dowel rod inspector. Edit: coat hanger assembler

My case is still being appealed, but I need to make a little bit of money in the mean time. My thought process is start with 12ish hours a week and see how I do. I honestly don’t see how I can be out of bed for that long but gotta try. I’ve been trying to build up my strength and stamina, it just doesn’t work.


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