One of the things we are working on in physical therapy is gait training. I have lost coordination in the lower half of my body.

Losing coordination throughout your body is a giant ridiculous PITA. It’s something I cannot really describe well. Sometimes literal PITA when back pain and injuries are factored in.

My body moves in ways it’s not supposed to, and when I try to fix it, there are so many things to pay attention to, it is very hard, sometimes not possible. Sometimes my hips and legs lock up. I have to correct myself constantly.

Yesterday during the day I practiced walking correctly, which is something we worked on in pt on Monday. It was exhausting. My thighs hurt from moving my muscles in different ways. Or maybe it was the balance on exercise ball yesterday.

Today I have electrophysiologist cardiologist to follow up on my POTS condition. Current treatments are effective sometimes but not all the time. Would like to talk to him more about how different things and diseases impact cardiogenic processes. Is it actually treatable with what I am dealing with?

Don’t think I’ll be able to make it to DBT class due to timing of that appointment but I’ll try to go if I can.

I can maybe see the birds today. That needs to be confirmed. Justin had stuff going on last week and Monday so I was not able to see them.

Then physical therapy late in the day. I’ll be exhausted. I don’t like late afternoon appointments.

I am sensitive to heat and don’t have a/c in my car. Not good not good.


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