Medication Hoarding / Carbamazepine/ Abilify

Last Saturday I went to pick up my mood stabilizer / face nerve pain med – that I take 4 times a day – and was told no. Wait til 13th. Not available.

I was out of it that day. I put the refill in a whole week before. The script was good, wouldn’t need anything extra but doing the pill ordering and refilling.

I got upset and they ended up able to do a partial fill for just a few days.

But while I was there being told that my med is not having high enough production, I also heard pharmacy techs telling the same thing to other people in line, for other meds. 1 person got more upset than I did.

So I told my therapist.

I’m labeled a medication hoarder because I will save my meds. I will space out when I take them so I have a little extra when it gets to refill time. I only have to do this once, and I’m set for the life of the script, as long as I stay on top of refills and pickups.

Now I am behind on pickups and will have to do it again.

The fact is I am Scared of running into issues about refills and not having my meds get refilled by the time I run out.

It bothers me so much I am OCD about it and my OCD urge is to hoard meds to avoid being in this situation. Psych almost always says medication hoarding is a suicidal behavior, which it can be and I get that, believe me I get that.

I feel like I have the opposite going on. Doing it to help me not hurt me. But I didn’t have time to prepare for being “out” early so I don’t have extras now.

And that is the story of how my therapist is recommending me being treated for my bipolar, ADHD, and sensory issues with abilify. 🤣🤣🤣😂

Don’t know how she jumped there but I’ve been asking for ADHD treatment since I started in 2021 and would just get absolutely no response as a reaction so I’m gonna call it a win.


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