My medications all do something. A lot of people tell me I’m on too many. Some of these medications as treatments have helped resolve very consistent issues that now only pop up in waves.

Some of them are what is recommended for mental illness and brain damage, which require long term compliance to be effective.

Many are used off label as a sleep aide in addition to another primary use.

Here I will tell you about my medications and what they are for:

Gabapentin. For nerve pain. Helps manage pain from nerve damage, neuropathic pain, vulvodynia, dysmenorrhea (painful periods). This medication is not intended for permanent usage. At the moment it’s helping me get through various physical therapy programs, including pelvic floor dysfunction where we have found my nerves are wayyyyy overacting with the sending and receiving signals.

Cyproheptadine. It’s an allergy med that helps with migraines from pressure systems. For me we are also secondarily using it as a sleep aide.

carbamazepine. This is a anti-convulsant that helps me remain emotionally stable. It also has a secondary use as a nerve pain reliever. I take a larger dose at bedtime as a sleep aide.

Hydroxyzine. This is an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine medication. It helps prevent me from being all hivey and reduces some pain from Inflammation. I take a larger dose at bedtime as a sleep aide.

Buspirone. I’ve been on this medication the longest. It’s an anti anxiety medication that treats OCD.

Norethindrone Acetate. This is a hormone that prevents me from having a period. It only works sometimes. It is treating dysmenorrhea.

Cyclobenzaprine. This is a muscle relaxer that helps prevent and treat chronic muscle spasms.

Levocitrizine. This is an allergy med that helps prevent hives and rashes.

Metoprolol succinate. This medication helps slow my heart rate. I take it at night as a secondary sleep aide.

Fludrocortisone. This medication increases my blood pressure. It’s my newest med. It’s being used to treat orthostatic hypotension, but so far I have not found it to be very effective.

Latuda. An antidepressant, taken at night as a secondary sleep aide.

So there we have it.

Most of these medications are for hives and sleep. If we can get my sleep and histamine reactions under control, either by diet, other meds / immune blockers, I would be able to remove 4-5 of these meds.


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