Got my microscope set up! It involved rearranging furniture and storage in the studio for power cord / computer access. Omg that was too hard. It’s just a plastic table and long light bench but all the scooting is dizzy-ing and I just get so exhausted so fast when I’m out of bed.

Then had to hunt down the software file that is not noted for this model on their website download offers. I had them email it to me. I didn’t save it in my software folder but it’s backed up there now!

But installing that also involves waiting waiting waiting on downloads and installs.

I can’t sit and pay attention and just wait so I do other things and forget and sometimes I come back to the thing sometimes I don’t.

Today I am too tired to do anything but sit so I sit with it. It gets done. But now that it’s (almost) done I’m too tired to play.

So, when my friend asks what I planned to do today and I say play with my microscope, but I gotta set it up first, she sees the part that I didn’t even get to. She doesn’t see the rest of it.


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