Today was like 5 days

6 month pelvic pain specialist review. Today we discussed how likely it is that my pelvic pain should be attributed to cerebral palsy spasms and hypertonicity, as opposed to pelvic floor injury.

It sounds very likely.
Thigh pain has been a really big problem, I normally have thigh pain flare ups during my fake periods. When I had real ones I had same problem.

Leg pain is very, very, VERY common with cerebral palsy. Weakness, hypertonicity, fibromyalgia, carnitine deficiency, other nerve or muscle issues – are all additional issues etc. It might be any/all of them too.

Trying new topical script. Next appointment in 6 months unless needed earlier.

Due to clerical error, Handicap placard expires on Sunday. Permanent handicap placard form picked up to replace expired one from SOS on Monday.

Having it did make me more willing to go places. Sometimes just walking from the parking lot to the thing is too much. This helps that.

Later, early the next morning….

Was so exhausted from the day yesterday, I passed out way early without meds on accident.

Instead of waking up at my normal 330 am, I woke up at 130 this morning.
Tomorrow’s gonna be a fuzzy day. Soooooo happy it is cooler today and tomorrow – driving around in that heat is beyond exhausting.

Yesterday I drove from sterling heights to New center Detroit, to grosse pointe, to Warren, to Troy, to hazel park, to clawson, back to sterling heights. I have to take surface streets – no going over 55 mph, no a/c in 85 degree humid heat, and sensitivity to heat induced POTS episodes. Got to mid day and my thoughts definitely got a little wonky.

Gotta not do that to myself. Note to self: Hot days are not multiple stop days.


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