Midheaven Scorpio

The sun is in Scorpio at the same degree as my Scorpio midheaven today.

I am putting energy into asking the sun and moon to cleanse me, get whatever remaining energy funk OFF me, and help me rebirth myself, yet again.

I see midheaven is described as 10th house, but all my charts show it in 11th

Apparently 11th house midheaven Scorpios get to do this rebirth cycle over and over again. I’m at the 8 degree placement, which I have read means I will be going through intense cycles of death and rebirth in different ways through my life. Agreed, not excited.

All the time. I am becoming a master of myself over time it just…takes some practice.

I’m done with physical therapy (for this round) next week. Closing chapters.

What’s your midheaven sign? What house is it in? Midheavens can signify a lot in your life.


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