Was just reading one of the contributors notes on the new dsm coming out in March and I understand that patholizing a lot of people’s minds and things that aren’t really issues as issues does nothing to help them inside the medical system

but for a lot of people it does (though it’s not necessarily doctors helping them, doctors are tools (not in a square sense, in a they have some experience and access to labs and diagnostic tools sense, people gotta figure out who and what the best tools are cause it is not always the doctor you go see for your issue, but they got TOOLS you might need for your specific thing cause all our bodies are different

and doctors are guessing a lot too)

going through the list of updates pretty much every syndrome and disease I have in the mental health world (which research has found a lot of is very connected to physical illness that gets ignored) is being updated with a lot of info, so I’m excited for March I guess.

Im ready to watch my diagnosis list shrink and if it all is what I think it is ITS CURABLE instead of being told I have multiple lifelong conditions that makes my life hell. Might just need to find the right doctor cause it takes a long time for this stuff to trickle down to practices.

I can’t tell you how many times I advise doctors on new info (with a real source handy lolol). Lemme tell you – they don’t like it when you do that.

My caseworker and nurse practitioner love it though and they are my team not my tools so it makes sense in my head.


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