i love learning new information
especially when it can help people i know.

i know and love a lot of people that experience a range of neurodiversity, mental illness, and chronic pain.
a lot of us experience all of it at different levels.

after a life time of being unable to completely pin down what the issues i struggle with even are, without having the opportunity to listen to doctors that believe me, i tried to seek treatment again. if i am being candid about the diseases i would realistically believe i could be diagnosed with and treated for, it ranges through bipolar I, with severe depression and psychosis
fibromyalgia (or some form of chronic nerve pain) perhaps brought on by muscle spasms
potentially on the autism spectrum due to interpersonal relationships and communication methods from a young age
as well as experiencing a variety of sensory processing issues.

i did experience a lot of trauma in 2017 and i believe that a lot of the abilities i had at one point in time are gone, so my current living experience is not how it’s always been. i am the worst now than i have ever been in terms of my ability to exist as a human. i am pursing dialectical behavioral therapy as well as seeking diagnostics with neuropsychiatrists. These doctors did not write the referral for the genetic testing. The only diagnosis I officially hold are for bipolar and anxiety disorder. i tried a lot of meds over a long period of time that didn’t work. lots of bad stuff happened. i gave up.

fast forward to now. i reach out for help and get a referral for a test. The primary goal of this test is to make sure my brain has the correct receptors to work with prescribed psychotropic medications. Ok cool that sounds functional and useful information.

Results come back, information that was intended to provide wasn’t very helpful – I do have the receptors needed for most of these meds, so they are mostly all viable potential options. I think there were only 3 that would not work for me.

HOWEVER. This is where we get some new information.

I have a pretty common mutation in the way my body processes folic acid. It does it, but not very well and only a little bit. So I need some help with that. Since I don’t have help doing that, it causes a lot of issues. Mainly with moods!

In addition to that, I also have an expression that makes me bad at creating the neurotransmitters that are supposed to move the chemicals around. So I do not make the chemicals in the right amounts, which is a bigger problem because of the folic acid issue, and then the chemicals that I do make, don’t have the neurotransmitters needed to take them anywhere. Once stress chemicals are released, which the version of this gene i have DOES release stress hormones, so it does more damage and causes more harm.

Other issues associated with this gene related to chronic pain include stress hormone build up long term and high histamine levels in the blood.


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