I published a bunch of blog posts I’d written and kept as a draft

The dates are not accurate on previous posts.

My frustrations are old. I am in a better place now, physically and mentally.

What I thought were new issues that developed over time and through stress, after reviewing my medical history with my neurologist, and receiving MRI results that show porencephaly, we determined I have cerebral palsy. I have had it my whole life. Spasms, tremors, twitches and fibro all get worse during stress, which contribute to issues, that to me still seem, like unidentified autoimmune issues.

I am still working with my allergist/immunologist on identifying the specific antibodies that are the cause of my full body hives, which have come back over the past two or three weeks. We have identified one type so far. Am being weaned off 1 of my three antihistamines/4 allergy meds to see what happens and get more blood work. We did identify an antibody that I make that does for sure attack my own immune system, but I don’t know if I misunderstood that it does not cause hives or he just wants to see the hives happen again and document in blood work again? I don’t know.


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