Two weeks left.

I have learned a lot about the specifics of how my body functions through pelvic floor physical therapy.

My therapist requested 16 appointments, we got 8 approved.

She spent the first few weeks providing manual therapy such as belly cupping and massages trying to loosen me up. The last appointment I went to, appointment 6/8, we started working on exercises to loosen my pelvic floor and help my right leg straighten out. The muscles in my pelvis are so tight, it turns my right leg outward.

Current pelvic floor exercises:

Supine pelvic floor stretch

Diaphragmatic breathing in supported child’s pose with pelvic floor relaxation

Deep squat with pelvic floor relaxation (this is one of my favorite positions to sit in, didn’t know it relieved pressure from pelvic floor)

Supine diaphragmatic breathing

Pelvic Floor relaxation supported leaning into exercise ball

Exercises from rego physical therapy:

Hooklying single knee to chest stretch

Supine active knee extension with hand support and leg straight (this one is good for leg spasticity)

Supine piriformis stretch

Supine transversus abdominis bracing with hands on stomach

Side lying thoracic rotation with open book (shoulder range of motion)

Seated thoracic extension movements

Shoulder flexion on wall, slide with towel

For all these exercises and stretches, equipment needed is just pillows, exercise ball, and a towel.

It’s kind of cool because a lot of these positions I naturally found myself in already to relieve pain or pressure.


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