I use this service called chatbooks to make prints from my camera roll into chronological little books.
There’s 60 images per book.

Two years ago, I was taking hundreds of photos a month on my cell phone as a hobby. That involved being out of bed and lots of holding my body in weird and painful positions. It was really hard for me to narrow down images to be included in the books.

I haven’t been selecting the images to make books with since 2020.

I got hit real hard with a set of spasms and skin issues around the end of 2021. It made me completely dysfunctional and I’m still building back up from that.

I’ve been playing catch-up on making these books.

At a certain point, around the end of 2021, the photos in my camera roll just stop. It’s all memes. I completely stopped taking photos. I have been taking photos all day everyday since I was a kid. It was jolting.

I’ve been “seeing” things again though. Gotta get myself willing to be cold and uncomfortable again to take the photos I want to take. I just think it’s interesting how different our brains and bodies work when we are sick.


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