Psoriasis and Arthritis and Hearing Loss

When most people think of psoriasis, they think skin flakes and plaques.

But psoriasis has many more problems associated with it aside from skin.

Did you know estimated up to ~30% of people with psoriasis have psoriatic arthritis? I’ve seen some experts say that number should be much higher – psoriasis is easily diagnosed because you can see it. People don’t follow up with appropriate care to get a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis, you can’t see it.

So I have psoriasis on my head. It frequently forms this raised rash band that goes around the base of the large part of my skull, from behind one ear to the other.

I went into urgent care for it a week ago because the inflammation was putting a lot of pressure on the insides of my ears. Felt like my ear was going to explode.

That’s when I found out psoriasis can contribute to hearing loss, both by psoriatic arthritis swelling, and skin flakes falling into your ears over time.

It may also be contributing to my neck pain and inflammation, though that is not confirmed by my dermatologist yet.

The steroid shot helped bring down inflammation in the short term, but a week later the inflammation is starting to ramp back up again. I was given a steroid shot (Prednisolone) and a medrol (methylprednisolone) pill pack. I have also been using a topical steroid on my scalp during flares, provided by my dermatologist for treatment of scalp sores. It helps more than not using anything, but the irritation is still there.

Psoriasis is not a progressive condition. (It’s chronic, but doesn’t get worse over time.)

Psoriatic arthritis is a progressive condition, so getting hit with more pain over time happens.

My pain issues are full body, but the area I have the most trouble with is my neck and shoulders.


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