A good teacher doesn’t try to convince you that their way is “the way”. Remember that with all these life and business coaches in this failing system.

Find people who guide you in ways that are right for you, for whatever the thing is.

My birthday tarot readings have been encouraging me to connect with teachers and healers for several years. I’ve always been too busy working, or just get stressed out and forget.

But you know what’s cool? Teachers and healers find me. Or we find each other.

The universe is magic like that.

I’m constantly in awe and so grateful for what and who is brought together, either in this ether space or in physical life.

I’m ready for my world to be turned upside down again. I don’t expect it but I feel it.

That’s just how this ride goes for me and I’m coming to terms with it.

I’m always coming to terms with it.

always getting better at just being.

Happy birthday to me!


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