Reminders to rest

Seeing this meme, even though I know that it is a joke, physically pains me.

I saw this shared in another group and I just want to take a second to tell other learning photographers – PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and REST

and really anyone in any job, but photographers specifically, because it is an oversaturated market in almost every region, and it is SO EASY to price yourself low to help people out and build your portfolio and get all the work, I know younger generations don’t need to unlearn all the things that I did.

I think I worked way too hard for like three years in the hopes of being able to take it easy soon, and I think it literally almost killed me. 2020 was real bad cause I was doing the work of three people on top of significantly increased photo volume with a boss and support who told me I need the opposite of rest – I just need to get outside more. There were years I planned my days in 15 minute increments. My ocd was pushed to it’s absolute limits. “Youre great when your mind is working.” I can’t get that sentence out of my head. I did it because I could but it didn’t occur to me that other people aren’t doing it for a reason. And now I am where I am. The real kick in the gut is over the last three years while this has been progressing, I started saying out loud that I think I need more rest than other people. I was right.

No, I needed to reduce my stress levels. Ableism is real y’all. Shit was intense. We are coming up on the anniversary of being separated from j2 and I’m having issues with it. My current situation has been a long time coming and the system I existed within are too fucked up to have noticed.

Genetics show a lot of people that are good at aiming are also likely to be bad at managing stress. Fun when you think about gun ownership.

Happy I’m in therapy and resting but wish I could get out of bed without being dizzy!! You all still get my rants.


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