Ok I have been talking about getting a service dog and that conversation prompt has shown me that a lot of people really do not understand what a service vs emotional support dog are.

If you have a SERVICE dog, having it is federally protected under the ADA. They can go everywhere, except like, a zoo, or if you are in school and someone is allergic.

If you have an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT dog, they are protected under the fair housing act. They are protected to live with you. Your landlord can ask for a letter from doctor or mental health professional confirming you benefit.

Service dogs must be trained in at least one task to support the person’s illness.
If you say you have a service dog, locations are allowed to ask what task is the dog trained to do, but ultimately have to let you and your service dog in. If your dog is not controlled or potty trained, you can be asked to leave.

Emotional support dogs are not granted protections to go everywhere. That is up to the discernment of individual locations.



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