Writing it out for documenting later

So at pt yesterday we learned my right upper half is locking up again despite multiple-times-per-day stretching sessions and exercises multiple times per week. Not the direction we are trying to go in.

Botox for my face kept being rescheduled, it was supposed to be a few weeks ago but should be at the end of this week now….

Botox for my head and shoulders (and some face) was a little over a month ago but it takes a week or two to fully kick in. I’m surprised I’m not getting as much relief. It is active.

The masseter on my left side is almost non existent. The masseter on my right side is visible when looking at my face, and very obvious when feeling both sides. It’s around the same area I get the lightning bolt strikes.

I guess it takes a couple tries to reduce the muscles Botox is being used for, but at this point we know it’s not working on my right side.

I know dysport was brought up for masseters last time, it’s still Botox but it’s smaller molecules and act faster and go in deeper. We do regular this next time though.

It takes so long to try different treatments that don’t work