So I have learned that I am a person with cerebral palsy whose muscle tone / spasticity can vary minute to minute in my problem areas. This has made a lot of things confusing, but I know this now.

Getting the injections helped a lot to reduce hypertonicity which helps reduce spasticity. Unsure of the frequency the injections will need to be done at but right now a little over a week out my right shoulder is squishy! No hypertonicity. Left shoulder has some but it’s not bad.

Having my upper back less tight seems to have opened up room for mid and lower back spasms. When I’m spastic the neck issues are the worst, I can’t even lean forward or get out of bed, but now having the middle of my back spasm is doing the thing where it pulls my neck and head back, which hasn’t been a serious issue for a while, and it sucks.

It’s always something.

Continuing with pelvic floor pt. appointment today.


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