Stick my Face in Plants

Someone was asking me how do I find interesting things to photograph? They are stuck at home a lot and just never see the beautiful or interesting things, their house is not a beautiful setting.

1. Go stick your face in plants.
2. If there are no plants to stick your face in, go get some.
3. If money is an issue, many types of plants can be propagated for free.

Not plant related advice:
4. Play with composition of photos you’ve already taken. A wide angle of a view might not look great, but when you change the frame, it can make a TON of difference. Turn a snapshot into art. I am a fan of rule of thirds. When able, shoot wider then you need to for cropping/printing at various sizes.
5. Try to get excited about the little things. Passion helps.
6. Try new things. If you have been trying to get the same type of shots at the same locations, switch it up.
7. Tidy up spaces. Things don’t need to be perfect just remove random objects and put countertop items in a basket. Watch out for bright objects that can take attention away from the subject.
8. Light. Use it. You dont need to buy a $1000 strobe, but shooting next to windows or with other bright light sources help make better quality images.
9. I only recommend purchasing new equipment if there is something specific you are trying to do and you cannot do it with existing gear. Entry level equipment has limits. But Gear purchases can move into the “neverending” quick. The best tools are the ones you have on you.


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