I’m stressed about Tuesday.

9 am xolair shot, gotta stay for 2 hours after so they can monitor me for anaphylaxis.

9:20 psych nurse practitioner. I need refills and cannot reschedule further out, meds run out next week.

hoping the timing works out…I didn’t get to pick when the xolair appointment is, they made it for me. Always a Tuesday at 9, every 28 days.

Then. Therapy, continuing emdr after a couple week break.

Then. Case manager. Going over everything i need for ssdi before she goes on a several month long medical leave and I am placed in someone else’s hands. She has saved my life. I really feel supported by her. I hate when I’m nice and cozy with someone and then get thrown to a stranger.

Then hopefully nap.

That’s gonna be a lot of sitting tomorrow. Both in offices and in car.

Hopefully can get more than 3 hours of sleep but I don’t know about that today. Doesn’t seem like it’ll happen. I am no stranger to being up with the sunrise, but my emotions are harder to regulate and I get distressed easier when I am lacking sleep. It really matters for trauma therapy.

Hate how that sleep too much switch gets flipped to no sleep without warning.


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