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  • 2023 Scorpio Season!!

    Hello, Scorpios πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜› Iiiiiiits scorpio season! Midheaven in my chart shows Scorpio, at 8 degrees. It’s a hard one, but despite the never ending, constant struggle, I know my efforts are worthwhile. I share my vulnerabilities with you all, without question and without shame, and you can take them or leave them or make fun…

  • Moon

    The moonrise was at 140 am today, so I’m sitting here 230 staring at this GORGEOUS moon, low and huge in the horizon such pretty.

  • Midheaven Scorpio

    The sun is in Scorpio at the same degree as my Scorpio midheaven today. I am putting energy into asking the sun and moon to cleanse me, get whatever remaining energy funk OFF me, and help me rebirth myself, yet again. I see midheaven is described as 10th house, but all my charts show it…