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  • Moon

    The moonrise was at 140 am today, so I’m sitting here 230 staring at this GORGEOUS moon, low and huge in the horizon such pretty.

  • A is for…..wait, trying again

    A is for…..wait, trying again

    I am not attempting to be understood. I am attempting to heal myself and if others heal with me, that is wonderful.

  • 16 days of heavy space days

    Sorta heavy moon days until 9/8. It’s been a ride but it’s continuing. “Hold on, I’m coming.”

  • Oi.

    One of my favorite things about both neurodivergent and pagan communities is members of both are always so willing to send the good vibes your way. There are so many true experiences that involve deep, real expression without judgement that is presented with a response of thousands of humans lighting a candle and willing strength…

  • ether


    before the energy that becomes You makes its way to this earth before our bodies are born it’s tiring to travel through the ether we are meant to make our way to this space to show each other love, and teach each other how to exist in harmony with the universe. when my energy is…

  • Undoing hexs

    Undoing hexs

    I have a bird so I can’t burn any plants or and my essential oil options are limited. Items / actions for cleansing, healing, and protecting Bells, sweeping the spaces, separate color / candle rituals for each goal, I’m gonna do a few bags with cleansing and healing items in a few rooms, get a…

  • Today’s rant – 1/13/22

    Today’s rant – 1/13/22

    Weird energy last few days Everything is buzzing and hot! even stuff that shouldn’t be buzzing and hot Do you know that space is suggesting we will be going through a giant societal transformation between now and 2024? Bring it! BE IT! I’ve had this dropper valve for almost two years and I just can’t…

  • Reading


    A good teacher doesn’t try to convince you that their way is “the way”. Remember that with all these life and business coaches in this failing system. Find people who guide you in ways that are right for you, for whatever the thing is. My birthday tarot readings have been encouraging me to connect with…