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  • Your doctors wouldn’t approve

    Someone told me there’s no way my doctors would approve of all the injections I’m getting, if all the doctors knew about each other. So not even to say my doctors all know about it, or to say they also refer injections to each other, but to say shut the fuck up and mind your…

  • Did too much yesterday

    Did too much yesterday.My left knee is swollen on the bottom and spasming on the side. My right knee is swollen on the top, which is a new development. Got the knee brace after I started swelling on the bottom. My si joints or low back is grinding every time I move. Under my right…

  • Full Moon

    Super Blue Moon today. Dealing with ovarian cramps and inflammation around them. I believe as a result of the cortisone shots in my back last week messing with my hormones, with a little extra super blue moon pizazz. Gonna be in a ball if you need me.