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  • Botox!

    Botox prior authorization has been approved for migraines. I will be scheduling today. I cannot wait til 9 am! 430 rn. I’m hoping the 31 injections (I had said 33 earlier, that was incorrect), with several in my shoulders and neck, will also help all the tension and muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders.

  • Pudding and Generalized Weakness

    Yesterday was an intimidating day. Generalized weakness hits sometimes and it is absolutely disabling. My arms and thighs were hurting so bad, I was unable to handle food. Couldn’t even lift my arms high enough to reach the microwave. And then it got late and I was starving. So. Calories. I don’t care what kind.…

  • Latuda and Tegretol

    I don’t know when I started latuda, but It’s been more than a few months. It’s an expensive medication, almost $2000. Today, my pharmacist (not the bad one from last month) tells me that another med I’m on a high dosage of, tegretol, not only decreases the efficacy of latuda, but essentially completely cancels latuda…