Titles, Diseases, Neurodivergences

People have told me I obsess too much on illness. My own, and others. And the titles those illnesses give me. Obsessing over the illnesses makes it worse.

I do not disagree. I am the first to disclose with my doctor’s that tracking my symptoms initiates several coping strategies and changes the way my brain works for a varying period of time. I have a hard time doing it. Sometimes I need to.

When people think about the allowances some of my illnesses give me, do they also think about the things that they detract from?

I agree that I think about illnesses a lot, and the different ways brains work just as much or more.

I do put a lot of focus on it.

But I also think it’s important, and things that are important take up a lot of your thoughts.

I don’t think of it as a victim mentality (though sometimes it can be!) I’m not obsessing about my woes. I’m not wallowing in my sorrows. At least most of the time….gotta say those depression waves do hit hard sometimes.

But I’m at a point where I think of an illness as a description of what a person is dealing with. Its an indicator that their needs may be unexpected and may need some anticipation.

I don’t necessarily care what the illness is. I want to know if there are specific things that can help you exist.

I understand that a lot of people don’t like to disclose their differences, but in many peoples cases – I am speaking for myself – it makes them more comfortable when they know and have had the chance to express the specific issues with a situation or thing. Or just work through how they feel about something and being able to express that and the people around them are not internally rejecting them.


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